An undergraduate student writing about the connections between their experiences, the world and University Geography.

Looking at becoming an academic I thought starting a blog where I post my essays and ideas would be a good way to start making a name for myself.

As a first-year currently studying at the University of Nottingham in the UK, I am adapting to the changes in how University geography is taught compared to school geography. I find these changes are more fundamental than in other subjects and this is interesting to me. Ideas like this have driven me to create this platform. In University the domain of Geography really opens, and so subject matter here may be quite expansive due to the nature of the discipline.

It is early days, (many changes are likely to come) but I am currently thinking of having a blog section and later a forum or general ideas section. I will focus this blog on geography and current issues. As I am an undergraduate my ideas may change as time goes on and so this site can document those changes too as I develop.

Lastly, thank you for checking out this site.   


Revamping the content:

Content on the website will be down for a bit, just working on some stuff that needs to go up while I have some free time. Want to...


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